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Can we add our own logo and branding to the products?Updated a year ago

We offer a branding and customer cover design service for orders of 100 items or more.

The customisation fee is $199 and includes front cover custom so your service is well branded and looks professional. 

We may also waive this fee for larger orders.

Previous customers can make minor text adjustments to their existing custom covers free of charge. Layout or image changes will incur a $40 design fee per revision.

We can also make minor tweaks to inside pages for larger orders. 

Don't see your desired diary in our store? Ask us and we will see if we make it for you! Have a suggestion on an existing diary? Please give us your feedback!

Please note: Due to the high volume of ideas received, we place emphasis on designing and producing child care items that service a wide audience of daycare and childcare professionals.

Request a quote here.

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