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Long Day Care Diaries Purchasing GuideUpdated a year ago

Which is the best weekly programming and reflection diary for my Long Day Care Centre?

It will depend on what programs you run in your service. For educators in Long Day Care services running programs under the EYLF (for early years, preschool, and kindergarten (except QLD) the best diary for you is the Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary

For your Outdoor Program, use the Central Outdoor Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary.

To support you in applying and recording sustainable practices, we have the Our Sustainable Year Wall Calendar. The Culturally Responsive Year Calendar has been designed to meet the discussion notes in the 2021 NQF ALF Update. The recent review focused on Approved Learning Frameworks and highlighted changes to strengthen the connection between Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Standard in Indigenous ways of being, knowing, and doing and moving from cultural competence to cultural responsiveness.

To help you capture and record Individual Observations, our Individual Observations Duplicate Book works in conjunction with the Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary and provides duplicate pages so your records are filed where they need to be. We also have a My Amazing Year - Portfolio Learning Journal for Children to help you capture their progress throughout the year.

I am a director and educational leader of a Long Day Care Service; which is the best diary for me?

We have a Child Care Centre Diary, which covers areas of compliance around the running of a Long Day Care Service like staff on duty, children away, shift changes, meetings, and general correspondence. Services will often get one for the office (or one per room). 

For Nominated Supervisors, we have the Nominated Supervisor Diary. If you are also the Educational Leader, we have a diary for that too! The Educational Leader Diary.

We have a combined program, including preschool and kindergarten; which is the best for us?

The Childcare Centre Diary is suitable for directors and office admin of daycare, preschool, and kindergarten - including QLD Kindergartens which reference the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG). 

The Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary references the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and is suitable for educators in all states except QLD Kindergarten. The Central Outdoor Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary is suitable for EYLF programs.

We also have diaries for your role as Nominated Supervisor or Educational Leader.

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