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Where is the Family Day Care Diary and the Family Day Care Co-Ordinator Diary?Updated 4 months ago

The Family Day Care Diary has now merged with the more comprehensive Family Day Care Compliance Diary.

The new 2024 layout of the Family Day Care Compliance Diary now includes everything the Family Day Care Diary did and more!

The new layout includes a section to record your Correspondence, Notes and Activities (for a more comprehensive program, use in conjunction with the Weekly Programming and Reflection Diaries). Your Daily Checklist covers more of your health, safety, and cleaning requirements. With a stronger focus now more than ever on Health and Safety, this checklist will help you meet your compliance requirements.

Your Wellbeing Logs such as your Sunscreen, Nappy Changing, and Sleep records are all included in the Family Day Care Compliance Diary.

Your Menu is captured in a tidy and easy page at the start of each month. This makes planning ahead of time even easier so you can easily see previous cooked meals and make notes on special dietary or cultural needs.

Use your Family Day Care Compliance Diary in conjunction with its associate NCRs and duplicate books:

The Family Day Care Co-Ordinator Book is back in the form of a Daily Log and is designed to be used with the FDC Co-Ordinator Home Visit Duplicate Book and the FDC Co-Ordinator Excursion Approval Book.

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